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Bridging the gap between lifter health and lifting performance to help athletes with weightlifting goals beat injury and hit PRs! 

Welcome to Physio Strong.

Are you a weightlifting athlete? How about a Crossfit athlete with weightlifting related goals and obstacles?  Are you in a plateau and in need of some rehab & performance guidance to reach your next level? Is your training limited by technique, mobility, strength, pain or injury, mindset, or being consistent with lifestyle habits? Maybe you’re looking for a customized program based on you and your goals? If you answered yes to any of those, this is the platform for you!


This is an online coaching platform guided by scientific principles to help empower you, so that you can reach your health and weightlifting performance related goals. This is not a ‘quick fix’ program causing you to have a negative relationship with training. This program is about fostering healthy long-term success in your sport, but It all starts with consistency and putting in hard work. Remember you’re ‘Rocky’ in the ring, I’m ‘Mickey’ in your corner helping guide you towards optimizing your health & performance. Now let's get started!

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